Saturday, October 3, 2009

Six Feat Under

Last night Lubi and I finished the HBO show "Six Feat Under" and I think it is probably one of my favorite shows of all time. Which is weird because this show is more about peoples relationships and less about action and violence. I think the first season was probably the slowest but was still very interesting to me. Once I got to know the characters I fell in love with this show.

The one warning I would give you is this show can be depressing a lot of the time but it doesn't shy away from taboo topics and I think it really takes an honest look at many situations a lot of people don't like to think about. There are a couple episodes that just tore my heart out and stomped on it. I seriously wanted to cry (although i am incapable). Which may seem like a bad thing but I find it refreshing to get so emotionally involved in a show that you feel for these imaginary characters.

I promised J-rad's mom I would let her borrow this next but if anyone wants to borrow it after her please let me know.

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  1. MCMD's Mom claims it after J-Rad's Mom.