Sunday, May 31, 2009

cheese rolling

Oh man! there is not much I can say about this except some people are fricken crazy. I can't think of one valid reason why you would put yourself through this. but it is kinda funny.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


I am working on music right now with peanut. Or at least I am suppose to be. He is sitting right next to me with an angry look on his face. He watches over me like the gestapo just to make sure I finish my songs. I guess that is a good thing cause if it wasn't for him I probably would just sleep and play video games all day. He is like a guardian angel. A guardian angel with a mean uppercut.

Mini Ninja

I don't know if this game is going to be any good but I like the art direction they are taking with it. I will most likely just rent it.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mayer Hawthorne

I know this is old news but if you haven't heard it already you need to check out Mayer Hawthornes song "Just aint gonna work out". I am definitley picking this album up when it comes out. so smoothe.


Man I tried desperately to find something interesting to post for you today but today was just a slow day. After work I'm gonna go work on music with Peanut and possibly go support 11 at his show. We got some good stuff in the works for you guys so stay tuned.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

lost in Rhyme Vol. 1

So as my blog begins to take shape I want to start doing fairly regular entries. One of these is "Lost in Rhyme" a collection of rhymes that I most likely never will use. Doesn't meen these are up for grabs though so watch it. Hope you enjoy.

The ash from his cigarette fell to the ground
like the snow on a moonless night/
that light from his cigarette flickered in the night/
Like illuminated fireflys/
Disguized with the guise of a Wise old man/
It didn't really matter he was younger than them/
They were dumber than him and some of them went went/

Only cause he'd listen when they wanted to vent/
Then as there story ends he'd turn to me/
Destroying them internally he'd Verbally/
Cut the seems and watch them blead/

He spoke in a smoke that would clouds your dreams/
Burn lungs you'd choke as you tried to breathe/
it was fear he spread like a bad disease/
Felt bad but im glad that it wasn't me/

A man he was not, he was a monster/
Until the day I saw him with his little daughter/
And as a father he had grown and now I see/
Apart from them a part of him was always human being/

You know you like it.

What did Sushi "A" say to Sushi "B"?



Seriously this guy looks exactly like my friend Owen "The resident Genius". This guy is rediculous though. I wish I could take my clothes off while flipping...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I had to post this for Peanut. This is Charles Hamilton getting punched by a young girl he had a thing with. For those who don't know Charles hamilton likes to equate himself with Sonic the hedgehog.

To be fair though I do dig some of his music. Even though I know Peanut hates him and he gets a lot of flack. He has made some good ass songs. Here are a few I like.


Recently I have been getting back into a show that I just absolutley love called "Penn & Teller Bullshit". If you have not seen this show you have to check it out. You can catch a few of the episodes on youtube in sections which I have posted one of the episodes below. It is about life coaches and how they are bullshit. Check it out and if you get a chance look up some of the other ones they have done.

Modern Warfare 2

So after weeks of being dicks, Infinity Ward has finally put out a full trailor and it looks alright. Don't get me wrong you can be sure I will purchase this game but it does look a bit COD 4.5 ish. It looks like more of the same. Not to say its a bad thing I just wish they would of changed it up a bit more. Although the helicopter part at the end looked dope. I look forward to getting my ass kicked on line in this game.

The Venue

We will be doing a show at the Venue in Boise on 6-20-2009. Contact us at or call me at (208) 577-7076 if you would like to get some tickets. Tickets are $10 a piece but we will be giving out a copy of our Warp Zone project for free if you buy one. Hope to see everyone there.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Last night I was eating at my friend Cody's house and it made me think. It's good to have friends. I think some of us take friendship for granted. That perhaps our friends will always be around but I know first hand that this is not the case. I hope as time goes on and my life begins to change that there will always be time for our barbecues and discussions. I guess I just wanted to say thanks for making time.


Ok I am not going to lie. This made be LoL just a little bit.


This is a song off of Cage's new album coming out in july. It is a little different then what he normally does but I kinda like it alot. Maybe thats just the Emo girl inside of me talking but I think it is worth a listen. plus it is directed by Shia Labeouf who appears in the first 5 seconds of the video. Interesting enough Shia is currently pitching a move based on Cage's life before he started rapping where shia will play Cage.

Anyways I loved Hell's Winter and I hope this album is just as good.

If you like the song you can download the EP for it here.


Looks like P-nut may have some competition at the Neurolux now. How great would it be if Noble had that outfit and could dance this well. Cody you better start training him.



My name is MCMD but if you are reading this you probably know that. I figured I should jump on this blog Band wagon sense everyone is doing it. Hopefully I will be able to find some interesting stuff that people will want to read about and of course I will keep you up to date on Dedicated Servers news. And if nothing else at least I can annoy peanut with a bunch of spelling and grammatical errors. Stay tuned!