Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Nice Song

Here is a lovely song from Aphex Twin. You may remember that we rapped over one of his beats for our Hall of Famers song. Wikipedia had this to say:

"James said he composed ambient techno music at the age of 13; he has "over 100 hours" of unreleased music; he made his own software to compose with, including algorithmic processes that automatically generate beats and melodies"

Imagine creating a software that could make a song like this all on its own.

Clipse New Album

I had to post this for Peanut because I knew he would lose his shit at 0:21. Also I look forward to hearing this because Clipse is a great group.

The Clipse - Further Down the Road to: "Til the Casket Drops" from Kellen Dengler on Vimeo.

Conversation of the Day

Her: "Where is the Neurolux?"

Me: "It is next to the Record Exchange do you know where that is?"

Her: "No"

Me: "It is between Idaho and Main on 11th I think. I would have to double check on that."

Her: "huh"

Me: "yup"

Her: "So what, you guys just get up there and just rap about video games and shit? and they let you do that?"

Me: "Well we really rap about all aspects of life and who we are. Video games is a part of that yes but it is not the only thing we rap about. We have just as many songs about music, dancing and women as we do about video games."

Her: (Silent)

Me: "(Sigh)...Yes we rap about video games"

Her: "Well that is cool I guess"

Me: (Shake my head)

AFI's 100 Movie Quotes Over 100 Years

If you are a movie fan such as I you may enjoy this.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Targeting Gunshots with Acoustic Sensors

The police in Richmond are using acoustic sensors to locate where exactly a shot is fired from. I think this is a really cool idea. It always amazes me the crazy ideas that people come up with as technology advances. Hopefully this will help cut down on gun crime.

Cool Mascot

Kick Ass Trailer

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How to eat a chicken wing

WTF?!?! why did no one ever teach me this before. Normally I hate eating chicken wings and now I kind of want to go buy some to try this out. Had anyone ever heard of this before?

Modern Warfare 3

This game looks totally real...

Ultra-Realistic Modern Warfare Game Features Awaiting Orders, Repairing Trucks

Monday, November 9, 2009

This just in..

Twitter is not a good place to brag about your illegal exploits. This Graffiti artist decided to post all over his twitter about different tags he did while in australia. Unfortunately this led police right to him. He may be dumb but at least his graffiti is really cool.


Best Costume ever?

This is probably the coolest costume I have ever seen for a kid. That is until his mission is thwarted by the crack in the sidewalk and his mech takes a header into the gutter. They also might want to install boosters because that kid moves way too slow.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Laser Pointer Gets Two & A Half Years in Prison

Here is an article about a man who was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for pointing his laser pointer at a jet. It doesn't specify but I am assuming he must of been getting them as they fly in to land or take off. It is a stupid thing to do so he probably deserves it but it just seems like a long time to me.
Laser Pointer

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Shuttle launch

Here is footage of NASA’s Ares I-X test rocket taking off. I think sometimes we forget how amzing it is that we are able to launch a huge hunk of steel into orbit around our planet. This plus news that they are working on a space hotel for 2012 has me excited for the future.

Space Hotel

Prince of Persia Movie Trailer

I am guessing that the irony with this movie is at the end you won't be able to reverse time to get your money back.

World Series

A bunch of world series fans get into a fight. They must of just realized that nobody likes baseball.

Sports Videos, News, Blogs

This is Angoon

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Demon Knight

I posted this on facebook already but I thought I would post it here because I know my brother checks this site. I was able to locate the entire movie of Tales From the Crypt (Demon Knight). I remember watching this as a kid and being freaked out and also in love with it. Billy Zane plays such a crazy demon in this movie. I believe I watched it with my brother when we were with the Scotts.

Anyways The movie is still really cool if you like horror movies and its cool to see it for free. The only problem is youtube is shitty quality but if you have seen it before you may like it. The first part has a weird skit but don't be thrown off by that.

Mos Def does "75 Bars"

Here is Mos Def rapping the Roots song "75 Bars". Man Dante should just go on the road doing his songs, MF DOOM songs and Roots songs. He could be the one man tour.

Lil Wayne's New Mixtape

I promised that the next time Lil wayne put something out I would listen to it and here it is his new mixtape "No Ceilings". If you ever listened to Lil Wayne rap before you have a good idea what you are getting into.

"No Ceilings"