Monday, November 16, 2009

Conversation of the Day

Her: "Where is the Neurolux?"

Me: "It is next to the Record Exchange do you know where that is?"

Her: "No"

Me: "It is between Idaho and Main on 11th I think. I would have to double check on that."

Her: "huh"

Me: "yup"

Her: "So what, you guys just get up there and just rap about video games and shit? and they let you do that?"

Me: "Well we really rap about all aspects of life and who we are. Video games is a part of that yes but it is not the only thing we rap about. We have just as many songs about music, dancing and women as we do about video games."

Her: (Silent)

Me: "(Sigh)...Yes we rap about video games"

Her: "Well that is cool I guess"

Me: (Shake my head)

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