Sunday, November 1, 2009

Demon Knight

I posted this on facebook already but I thought I would post it here because I know my brother checks this site. I was able to locate the entire movie of Tales From the Crypt (Demon Knight). I remember watching this as a kid and being freaked out and also in love with it. Billy Zane plays such a crazy demon in this movie. I believe I watched it with my brother when we were with the Scotts.

Anyways The movie is still really cool if you like horror movies and its cool to see it for free. The only problem is youtube is shitty quality but if you have seen it before you may like it. The first part has a weird skit but don't be thrown off by that.


  1. I do actually really like this movie. I think that this was the trip to Palm Springs that you got your head busted open. that is kind of a funny coincidence, i just downloaded Return of the Living Dead to watch at my halloween party. We also watched that one with the Scott's but in McCall. you should youtube it and you will remember it.

  2. Yeah I rememeber because Tony got in trouble for taking a picture of that chick dancing on the car in that movie. haha