Wednesday, May 27, 2009

lost in Rhyme Vol. 1

So as my blog begins to take shape I want to start doing fairly regular entries. One of these is "Lost in Rhyme" a collection of rhymes that I most likely never will use. Doesn't meen these are up for grabs though so watch it. Hope you enjoy.

The ash from his cigarette fell to the ground
like the snow on a moonless night/
that light from his cigarette flickered in the night/
Like illuminated fireflys/
Disguized with the guise of a Wise old man/
It didn't really matter he was younger than them/
They were dumber than him and some of them went went/

Only cause he'd listen when they wanted to vent/
Then as there story ends he'd turn to me/
Destroying them internally he'd Verbally/
Cut the seems and watch them blead/

He spoke in a smoke that would clouds your dreams/
Burn lungs you'd choke as you tried to breathe/
it was fear he spread like a bad disease/
Felt bad but im glad that it wasn't me/

A man he was not, he was a monster/
Until the day I saw him with his little daughter/
And as a father he had grown and now I see/
Apart from them a part of him was always human being/

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  1. Cool dude, great storytelling and description.