Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Musical Journey

So a couple weeks ago I started running out of music to listen to at work. I came up with this foolish idea that perhaps there could be something to learn if I went through and listened to all these artists that I hate but for some reason are very popular. Here is a brief summary of the albums I have listened to so far.

Carter 3 (Lil Wayne)

This was the first album I listened to. I listened to this entire album from front to back on and I have to say it wasn't as bad as I thought. Once you get past Lil Wayne's annoying voice he actually has some funny lines. Although I would never buy this album because there really is no valuable substance here. Just a lot of songs about how tough and sexual lil wayne is.

Including a song Called "Pussy Monster" which contains such heart warming lyrics as "Im Da Pussy Monsta, Da Pussy Monsta,Da Pussy Monsta,Da Pussy Monsta, Gurl U Gotta Feed Me ,Pussy ,Pussy Pussy,Pussy Pussy,Pussy, Pussy"

"I Gotta Taste For U,Now Wat U Wanna Do, Gurl U Cold Let Me Suck Out Ur Flu"

Probably the best song on this album is "Mr. Carter" Which is him and Jay-z. All and all I have to say I kinda enjoyed listening to this album and actually might check him out again if he makes another album but again I wont give him my money. I guess I understand the appeal though.

Isouljaboytellem (Soulja Boy)

This is the worst album I have ever heard. I couldn't even finish this album. I listened to like 3 songs and honestly I don't understand how he got someone to distribute this album. All of his songs go like this. (Name)+(4-5 hip hop sounding words)+(drag out words)+(catchy beat) Repeat until head explodes. I would never buy one of his albums I am sorry.

Soulja boy has his video's embedding disabled but if you really want to you can list to his hit song here.

Breakout (Miley Cyrus)

Honestly this album is pretty good as sad as that sounds. I mean it obviously appeals to its market with songs about getting out of school and hanging out with your friends but technically its not that bad. It's got good music and Miley has a nice voice. I can see why she is so popular among kids. I don't think I would ever buy one of her albums but maybe if she is still making music in 5 yrs and she escapes the soul crushing grasps of Disney. Also I have to admit that new song of hers is pretty catchy.

Paris (Paris Hilton)

*VOMIT* This album is just sad. There is no redeamable qualites here. At least soulja boy can say he sold a lot of albums. This is a piece of shit. The worst part is when Paris wispers with echo on her voice. It's like my ear is being molested. She has such amazing lyrics as,

"Boys, boys, boys, boys, fightin over me
If you wanna go all the way
your gonna need a black card and
welcome to parie."


I am not going to post a video cause I don't want to do that to you guys.

So at this point I need help. Does anyone have any suggestions for horrible albums I can listen to? Preferably something that was popular for some reason but is regarded as shitty. Let me know

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  1. Thanks for this, I am always curious about S.B. and Wayne too. Hahaha, this made me laugh. Next you should figure out why people like reading the Twilight series or watching the movies.