Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bitch Craft

So I found out yesterday that the cleaning lady at my work is apparently a self proclaimed witch doctor. She met with a young girl I work with and convinced this girl that she had been cursed somehow earlier in life and that it was bad luck to be near the girl. This girl now is all worried about these demons that are following her around. Now I have to be careful here because I know people are very sensitive about their believes but I have a problem with this. 

I went through the same thing with my girlfriend when her aunt would have "prothetic dreams" and tell my GF about them. Now wether you believe in this or not I do not understand what good can come of telling someone that you had a dream that something bad would happen to them. When you tell your teenage niece that you had a dream where a bunch of guys beat her up and kidnap her all that does is drive her crazy with fear. If its gonna happen its gonna happen and you telling someone its gonna happen wont stop it.

These people think they are doing something good but all they do is cause fear in others. I think it is this weird power dynamic where someone who has nothing tries to get power over people by claiming to have Mystical abilities. Again I am not trying to mock anyones beliefs. All I am saying is my girlfriend never was hurt, kidnapped or Raped and My coworker isn't cursed she has 2 beautiful kids & a loving boyfriend. She is just having a bad week. 

For my last trick I will do a reading on the entirety of the human race, "I had a vision of your future and in it someone was trying to take advantage of your insecurities. Either for monetary gain or purely for amusement. Do with this information what you will but know it will happen"

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  1. it's called a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you focus on something enough, you will unconciously make decisions that lead you to whatever was prophecized. I totally agree though. It makes no sense to tell people that shit.