Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thank you

I want to give a big thank you to everyone who came out to support "The Dedicated Servers" last night. We had a lot of fun meeting everyone new and performing for you guys. We were able to give out all of our albums which is cool. I just wish I had more for you guys. Remember you can always download it here Warp Zone

And to those who were too "trendy" to come to the venue it is your loss. Imagine that, you are too good to come support your friends who are performing because you don't like the crowd. YOU ARE THE CROWD! you retard. Anyways Big thanks to Sam, Cody, Owen, Tom, J-rad, Ammo, Ybarra, Mark, Kyle, David's Sisters, Ron, Peter, Sarah, Tie, Lubi, Dani, Adam, Kate, Dru, Awebree and her friends, My Mom, My Dad, Eric, Wendy, Megan, Kelsie & everyone else who showed up to listen. Thank you all for the support cause with out you guys we would be nothing. Hope to see you all next time as well.


  1. was I too trendy and did not like the crowd?

  2. I don't know were you? I remember you being really stoked for it a month ago and texting people about it but I'm not sure what happened?!?! I'm sure something came up.

  3. What an exciting show. Lots of energy. It was the highlight of our year!! And fun seeing a new place. Let Peanut know we were stoked when we left last night and still smiling today.

    M & D

  4. We had so much fun last night! It was by far one of your best shows last night your crowd just seems to get bigger with every show. We are so proud of you guys! Keep up the good work!

    -your biggest fans