Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Well I was checking joblo.com and It looks like the next couple months are packed with good shows coming out on DVD.

We see the release of the final season of possibly the greatest show ever made. If you have not seen it BattleStar Galactica is fucking amazing. Everyone who has seen it loves it. I know I was sceptical at first too but you got to see this show. I have made sure to avoid any information about this final season in hopes of not ruining it for myself. Come July 28 they will wrap it all up with a neat little bow hopefully.

Dexter S3 The first season blew me away but I was worried about the second. The Second melted my face off and now I am totally Hyped for the third. Hopefully season 3 will be blows me mind away (yeah I said it). This show is a must see. I have a man crush on Michael C. Hall.

Always Sunny in Philadelphia S4. Unfortunately I have already seen this but I look forward to seeing it again. This show is fricken hilarious. Ask Peanut he loves this show soooooo much.

As always if anyone wants to get caught up on these shows or any others I have just ask and I will let you borrow the first couple seasons. If you got extra time it is really worth it.


  1. Hey, you and mom and dad and now my buddy jim keep raving about battlestar galactica. Could you bring the dvd's with you and let me borrow them?